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Welcome to the ISTE Awards portal!


ISTE Impact Award

The ISTE Impact Award recognizes individuals or organizations that do outstanding work to improve learning, and have a major impact on the field of educational technology. These are people or organizations you might think of as edtech “movers and shakers! Winners:

  • Bring innovation to a wide education community.
  • Positively impact the field of educational technology.
  • Embody the spirit of the ISTE Standards to transform learning, teaching and leading in the digital age.



ISTE Distinguished District Award

ISTE Distinguished Districts are moving the needle in big ways. Winners:

  • Demonstrate effectiveness and innovation in the application of educational technology,
  • Ensure equitable, accessible and appropriate technology use for all students, aimed at improving learner outcomes, and increasing learning opportunities,
  • Exhibit a progressive mindset when it comes to challenges in education and embrace new ideas and act on them.



ISTE 20 to Watch Award

ISTE recognizes 20 individuals who are up and coming and are already making a difference through their work. Winners have exemplified excellence through projects or artifacts that others can replicate. Nominations and applications are accepted starting in December. Winners:

  • Demonstrate the ability to both deliberately plan for and apply technology to improve the educational setting.
  • Continuously improve their professional practice through the exploration of new techniques and the consistent evaluation and reflection on current practices.
  • Share their work as a model that reflects ISTE’s mission to innovate teaching and learning, accelerate good practice and solve tough problems in education.